New partners and opportunities: An update on Grand Challenge 1, a continuous direct compression digital test-bed to re-define tablet manufacturing
The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre is progressing its novel digitally-twinned continuous direct compression platform to improve efficiency and costs during the manufacture of oral solid dosage medicines. Over the past year, several exciting new partnerships and opportunities to enhance th...
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Digital and Clinical Trials
Digital: Could Clinical Trials Become More Accessible? When COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill, TauRx had already begun its late phase clinical trial to study the efficacy of an experimental treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. With the pandemic’s potential to negatively impact the trial, ...
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Realising the digital potential with skills & training
I’ve been in my current role as Key Sector Manager for Life and Chemical Sciences at SDS for the past 11 months and it would be fair to say that period has been an extraordinary time.  But obstacles and crisis situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic can also create opportunities within our indus...
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IP Considerations relating to digital health and data
Digital health is an area that has been growing rapidly over recent years and is transforming the healthcare industry.  Advances in technology have been revolutionising the medical industry, with digital health products at the forefront of these changes.  An advantage of digital health is that it ...
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Optimising Processes, Scaling and Manufacturing for Scotland’s Biopharma Sector
Even before COVID-19, the when, where and how of healthcare was changing globally. Rising costs entailed by innovation in biopharma, coupled with changing expectations among patients receiving care, have the industry challenging itself to do the impossible: Produce and deliver more effective, afford...
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Graduate Employability Masterclasses Inspiring the Next-Generation of Life Scientists in Scotland
There has rarely been a time when science has had such a direct impact on our day-to-day lives. But the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact this has had on our National Health Services, and the climate crises has led to a huge demand for scientists within Scotland and the UK, and internationally. The Scot...
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A look at Tau: Understanding a critical protein that contributes to Alzheimer’s disease
It may be unfamiliar to most people, but a protein called tau could hold the key to changing the course of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). This is why TauRx, an Aberdeen-based global leader in tau-based Alzheimer’s disease research, has dedicated its research programme to the role of this protein in A...
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HealthTech: Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow, Today
Something I have heard, and said, in equal measure since we entered a global pandemic, is how it has become increasingly hard to date various social or professional events. What was in fact over two years ago, feels like yesterday, whereas a day that we had yet to even hear of a bubble or a [&hellip...
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As someone who has spent their entire career working in the life sciences sector, it’s a constant source of delight to find that science is on the front page, everybody in the country can name two or three major bioscience companies and talk with a semblance of knowledge about various vaccines, th...
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