Business Momentum breakout sessions

The sessions are one hour in duration, and delegates can choose the three sessions most relevant to their situation. Each session will provide a combination of insight and practical guidance from two or three experts and case examples from the field.

Securing higher levels of Investment
This session will give advice and practical tips for securing higher levels of investment.  Participants will get to see what VCs look for in a Life Sciences company and what’s needed to work on to build a case and the reality of timelines and effort.  The Scottish Investment Bank will give the latest support and guidance and 3FBio will share their experience on successfully securing a £6m Series A Round.

Panellists: Elaine Ferguson, 3FBio, Mary Canning, Epidarex, Derek Shaw, Scottish Investment Bank, John Goodfellow, Biotunity 

Funding Innovation 
This session will discuss the latest funding opportunities for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships  for Life Sciences organisations. Leyton will also provide advice on maximising the R&D Tax credit and Patent in a Box opportunities 

Panellists: Mark Petty, Elizabeth Thomas & James Marden from Leyton,  Jim Berryman, Knowledge Transfer Partnership Advisor 

Increasing your presence in the market
This session will share best practice and practical tips for building a presence in the market and generating publicity for business.  The participants will be inspired by what can be done on a shoe-string budget by the Biogelx case study and get advice and guidance for engaging with journalists and PR agencies.

Panelists: Alix Mackay, Life Science Marketing Academy, Eszter Vuity, Marketing Manager Biogelx and John McGill, Ettrickburn 

Nurturing the Talent Pool
This session will show delegates  the best opportunities for professional development of staff based on the Skills Development Scotland gap analysis in Life Sciences as well as  the role of apprenticeships in attracting and retaining high potential employees. Panellists: Ronnie Palin, Skills Development Scotland, Case study from Q2Lab Solutions

Healthcare: Innovation to Adoption
This session will hear from iCAIRD Aberdeen about using NHS Data to develop healthcare solutions and working in collaboration across industry, academia and the NHS to drive innovative solutions to healthcare challenges. Insight and guidance from the Scottish Health Technologies Group will be offered on how to develop the health economic case for a new innovation and factors critical to successful adoption within the NHS. Plus advice on setting up successful collaborations from CMS.

Panelists: Prof Alison Murray, University of Aberdeen, Carina Healy, CMS, Mark Cook and Ed Clifton, SHTG, Avril Gold, Canopus Scotland

Elevating the business with Digital & Data
This session will hear how digitalisation can elevate their business and the bottom line.  Participants will hear the increasingly important opportunity with capturing and managing data on a daily basis.

Panelists: Clive Badman,University of Strathclyde, Brian Petrie, Digital Technologies Group, Rob Innes and Michelle Waddell, Wyoming, Martin Welsh, Booth Welsh

Advanced Technologies in Life Sciences supply and manufacturing
This session will hear the 5 key technologies that are being developed as part of the first grand challenges at MMIC.  Hearing the implications on business and how to add value. Plans for the next grand challenge will be discussed and advice and tips on how to get involved and how to collaborate with others to achieve this.

Panelists: Dave Tudor, CPI

The Living Lab
An introduction to the Living Laboratory from the College before stakeholders talk about why this is good for industry, Scotland etc; how it will attract inward investment; how it will benefit patients, the economy. 

Panelists: Dr Carol Clugston, University of Glasgow, John Zurowski, iCAIRD


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